If you notice an uptick in foxes in the coming weeks, don’t be alarmed. That’s mama fox looking for a place to hunker down for the denning season.

Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River recently shared a post containing information on what to expect in the coming weeks if you spot a fox roaming in your backyard.

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The post explained that “denning season” is the period of time when a female fox is looking for a safe place to give birth.

Between the end of March and early April, a mother fox will give birth to between 4 and 5 babies (known as kits) and will seek shelter beforehand. Coyotes are known for seeking out fox dens to dig out the babies and kill them, so it is up to the mother fox to find a safe space.

What to Expect During Denning Season

“A mother fox will frequently choose a den site close to people, away from where coyotes generally go,” said the post.

Common areas a fox will choose are under porches, sheds, garages, barns, or hillsides, and their stay is typically short-term.

Foxes will not live in a den year-round, it is only when a mother has their babies, allowing the babies to develop for about one month.

Important Facts to Know

If you see a fox during the day, it does not indicate that they are rabid. It’s most likely a mother fox searching for food.

Foxes are omnivores and feed on berries, grasses, and small rodents.

Foxes are solitary and prefer to be left alone.

Foxes are not interested in mating with or killing your pet.

“A fox just wants a place to raise her family safely, please allow her to do that,” said the shelter.

Don’t Want Foxes On Your Property? Here’s What To Do

According to MassWildlife, follow these steps to avoid fox interactions.

  • Don’t feed or pet foxes
  • Close off crawl spaces
  • Keep bird feeder areas clean
  • Don’t let foxes intimidate you
  • Cut back brushy edges
  • Protect livestock
  • Keep pets leashed at all times and feed pets indoors

Share these facts to protect our wildlife on the SouthCoast.

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