A classic board game got a new look in the last year and I think it may have been unnecessary.

I recently saw the latest commercial for Milton Bradley's classic game of Operation and I was kind of shocked.

The idea of the game is still the same, but the newest version (and its accompanying ad) highlight the fact that the game's pieces are now smaller so you can get them out easier.

Or at least that's what I got from this ad...

Sure they say it's "so you don't hear that annoying buzzer sound" but isn't what they really mean, "Now easier to win!" I mean c'mon. Are we seriously dumbing down board games so that kids have an easier time playing them?

I don't think Operation was the most difficult game in the world in the first place and really the point of any game is to have fun right? So does this really make it more fun? Or by making it easier to play, Milton Bradley thinks more kids will want to play?

Either way, I for one am not a fan of the change. Seems pretty pointless to me.