Came across this and immediately went, "Wow." There is a service in Detroit, Michigan called "Extreme Kidnapping" where you, the customer, fly out to Detroit and create your own kidnapping experience.

According to the Huffington Post, Adam Thick, who goes by the name Mr. Scrillion in the rap world, runs this service that caters to the extreme sports adventurer who is bored with what's currently available.

He says,

If you don't feel like you're really being kidnapped and your life is in danger, then we're not doing our job.

Now, I understand that some people need to have those adrenaline rushes, but if you have to pay money to get kidnapped, it's just not worth it right? Well, at least you get a video of the whole thing so you can relive it over and over. "Hey everybody, wanna see me get kidnapped?"

Watch the Extreme Kidnapping commercial below. Take the poll too.