According to several tweets from reporters covering the Aaron Hernandez trial, the courthouse in Fall River was ordered evacuated this afternoon.

Sources who were inside the courthouse say a bomb threat was called into the courthouse where the Aaron Hernandez trial was underway, though it's unclear if the threat has anything to do with the former Patriots murder trial.

Pictures from reporters at the scene show that police are guarding the doors to the Fall River Justice Center and sources say it could be several hours before people will be allowed back into the building.

Police say a second bomb threat was called into the Superior Court in Taunton, causing an evacuation there as well.

Presumably no bomb has been discovered as several reporters say employees have been allowed back into the courthouse at this time. Only employees for now.

Others will soon be let back into the courthouse as well, sources say the Hernandez trial will resume at 2pm. Police do not believe the two bomb threats had anything to do with the Hernandez trial and continue to investigate at both courthouses.