Best Business Winners 2015
Best Business Winners 2015

Hard work pays off, just as our 2015 Best Business Contest winners from HaHa's Lemonade!  Once Lemonade Day is over, we want to know how you did! 

Lemonade Day doesn't end when the lemonade is gone; the final step in owning your own business is seeing if you met your financial goals.  Take some time to review your earnings and expenses and enter them into our Accounting Results Worksheet in your Lemonade day workbook.  When you're done, plug your numbers into our Business Results form here.

Not only does the information enter you into Carl's Best Business Contest and possibly win an extra $100 but it also helps us see how everyone did during Greater Fall River Lemonade Day!

Just like our City Champion Carl Garcia, a good business person always takes the time to see if they met their personal financials goals. This helps you see what worked, what could be better and help you make a plan for your business the following year.  We'll announce our winner on May 16th, so be sure to have your results in to us by then!

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