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Best Business Contest
Hard work pays off, just as our 2015 Best Business Contest winners from HaHa's Lemonade!  Once Lemonade Day is over, we want to know how you did!
Zoey's Tips
Last year, more than 200 kids participated in our first ever Greater Fall River Lemonade Day so we brought one of our business owners in to teach us the basics of starting your own successful Lemonade Stand.
A Sweet Day
Lemonade Day was a sweet success!  We had more than 45 stands throughout Fall River and Somerset all owned and operated by kids, some as young as 5 years old!  Stands made anywhere from $100 to $800 by working hard, coming up with a unique recipe and giving good customer service.
The Drink Ladies
7 year old Meadow is getting ready to set up her first small business, The Drink Ladies!  With the help of local videographer Drew Furtado, Meadow outlines why she wanted to get involved with Greater Fall River Lemonade Day! and what she plans on doing with all of her hard earned money...
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Olivia
As our young entrepreneurs start to get down to business with their first small business, we thought it'd be fun to show you who they are and what they plan on doing with their hard earned money.

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