While we're enjoying the Spring weather here on land, the Endangered North Atlantic right whales are enjoying feeding off the shores of Cape Cod in the western part of the bay.

About 60 of these whales have already been seen surfacing and feeding in the bay since late last week and with the amount of plankton in the bay waters right now, the Division of Marine Fisheries says they could stay there feeding for several days.

Boaters are being cautioned to lookout for the endangered whales and make sure to adhere to posted speed limits on the water. State and federal law also prohibits boaters from approaching within 500 yards of a right whale and both the United States Coast Guard and the Massachusetts Environmental Police are authorized to enforce this rule.

There are only about 550 North Atlantic right whales left on the planet, making them the most endangered large whale species. So if you get a chance in the next few days to get out on Cape Cod Bay, this could be a great opportunity to see the right whale with your own eyes.