After what must have felt like an eternity for the parents of B.M.C. Durfee High School students, the lockdown was lifted and the suspect has been arrested.

Although Police have reported that the gun was only a B.B. Gun (which can still give way to harm and injury), it didn't stop the uproar of angry parents who were pleading the police and school to release their children from the classrooms and school property.

One mother filmed the confrontation between the parents and authorities earlier this afternoon as the lockdown was still in full effect.

"No words to describe what I felt when I got the Durfee call, no parent should have to get the call that there's a kid with a gun at your kids school. Something needs to be done!!"- Concerned Parent.

The Mother also claimed that while the parents were protesting to see their children who attend Durfee, the Police had already had the suspect in custody.

 "Parents just wanted their kids to be released, more then half the kids walked out because the school was not in lockdown, after almost an hour the school was on code red. Parents are upset not because of the lockdown but they are mad because of the way this was handled."

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