As beloved as Dunkin' Donuts is to New Englanders, there's a change on the way that may bring a frown to local Dunkin' lovers.

The Canton Company has made a final decision on which stores they are planning to shut down, including Baskin Robbins, but has not yet released such information to the public. They claim that the stores they are choosing to close down due to poor performance will improve their profit income by .1%.

With the said removal of 100 stores out of a whopping 19,000 worldwide, Canton claims that eventually they will adding 17,000 more units by the year 2020 to the United States alone, to raise the added value of the company.

Stocks are proposed to reach a 1.1% increase by years end as a result to the closures. So what does this all mean to local Dunkin' enthusiasts? Not really much... At the end of the day, there will still be at least one storefront in each city/town.

Nothing to Fear America... We're still runnin' on Dunkin'.

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