Duke’s Bakery in Fall River is mixing it up for the new year.

The popular bakery just launched a new bar, and if you’re participating in Dry January, listen up.

Introducing Duke’s Mock Bar, the new destination for thirst-quenching drinks without the booze.

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Duke’s Bakery Started as a Kind Gesture

13 years ago, Christine Holden began making sweet treats for her partner’s nephew with autism.

“A gluten-free and dairy-free diet benefits (people with autism) so I started making treats for him, and the next thing you know, I own a business,” laughed Holden.

For the past thirteen years, Holden and her team have been serving up delicious gluten-free baked goods and meals, but this year, she wanted to add a little something more to the mix.

“We don’t have a liquor license, but I wanted to do something fun besides just your regular coffee bar,” said Holden. “We wanted to step it up and we wanted to do mocktails that taste like the real thing.”

Duke’s Mock Bar

To stay on brand with Duke’s, Holden went all in on the royalty theme. Duke’s Bar will offer mocktails fit for kings and queens.

“We have drinks like the Royal Punch and the Coronation Cosmopolitan,” she said.

And since they are known for their outstanding breakfast, brunch drinks were mandatory. They have handcrafted the Bloody Crown, garnished with their signature chicken and waffles with a strip of bacon.

Duke's Bakery
Duke's Bakery

Every drink is made to taste like the real thing using Ritual Zero Proof, a gluten free liquor alternative, and so far, the response has been enthusiastic.

“We started last Saturday and we got a huge reception,” said Holden. “A woman came in because she had a heart condition and can no longer drink. She saw we had mocktails, got a margarita, and she said it hit the spot.”

Mocktails are the perfect alternative for anyone looking to cut back on the liquor or simply looking for a tasty drink to accompany a delicious meal.

Sober living doesn't have to be boring. Cheers to yummy alternatives.

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