I"m no dolphin expert but I do believe they are extremely smart. As you can see I have been friendly with a dolphin or two in my day. They clearly like me, too.

When I found out there was a sighting of dolphins in the Cape Cod Canal I had to log on and see if they caught any footage. They sure did!

Posted to the 1620 Anglers Facebook page was this clip:

If you look close it appears they are catching a ride with the current. Now I'm not used to having this kind of dolphin sighting around here. The last time I saw a group of dolphins traveling together was in Hawaii and they were following the boat I was on because we were feeding them.

It's actually really bad to swim with the dolphins, so we didn't do that. They would come up to us and were extremely friendly.

Something tells me these dolphins might be making their way to slightly warmer waters, especially since we dipped down pretty low in the temps this past weekend.

Dolphins are warm-blooded with an average body temperature similar to ours so feeling the colder water may mean it's time to swim south.

Seeing this video, I had to remind myself that this kind of thing isn't normal up here. It reminds me that we live in a pretty cool area. It also reminds me I need to plan another vacation soon.

Don't worry, I won't go around kissing dolphins again.

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