Summer is just about halfway over and if you haven't started planning your 'get out of town' vacation, Westport Federal Credit Union might be able to help. 

Whether you'd like to plan a solo trip this summer to explore somewhere new or you want to take the whole family on a magical Disney experience, it can get pricey to plan the vacation that you really want. And maybe it's not financially feasible for you to pay for the vacation all at once, right up front. That's where Westport Federal Credit Union comes in.

Westport Federal offers personal loans that can be used for a vacation! Think of it this way: a $5,000 loan costs as little as $125 a month. Or a $3,000 loan as little as $75 a month. That means you can plan that dream vacation now and pay it off once you are home and relaxed.

It is incredibly easy to apply for a loan with WFCU - all you need is your I.D. and 2 recent pay stubs. Most loans can be approved within minutes and you can even apply online.

Maybe you're thinking of hitting the open road but need a new vehicle to do it in. WFCU also offers great rates on their auto loans. Find out more about their auto loan program here.

Dollars & Sense is sponsored content brought to you by Westport Federal Credit Union. Visit a branch on State Road or Main Road in Westport or online to learn more about their loans, EZ Banking, rates, or to open an account. 

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