Since many high school grads will be commuting to school and college grads will be getting jobs, it’s a good time to promote our auto loans. 

At Westport Federal Credit Union, they know how important it is to get people set up with auto loans that make it possible for them to get the cars they need to get to work, get their kids to school, or to upgrade to something safer and more practical.

Now that summer is here, there are lots of high school kids who may need their first cars or college grads that are getting their first "REAL" jobs and need to make sure they have reliable transportation to get there. Or maybe you're getting married this year and plan on starting a family - so you're gonna need some more seats! If you are in the market for a new car, auto loans are starting as low as 2.79% at WFCU. And applying for loans at WFCU is SO easy - all you need is your I.D., 2 pay stubs, details of the vehicle, and a pay off from a lender if you currently have a loan with someone else. 

With the warmer weather, Westport Federal is also promoting motorcycle loans starting as low as 2.99%. Summer 2018 could be the year you finally get that bike of dreams and cruise to the beach every weekend. 

Looking for a personal loan? They are a great way to pay off some of school debt and consolidate. Here is an easy guide to applying for personal loans at Westport Federal Credit Union. 

Dollars & Sense is sponsored content brought to you by Westport Federal Credit Union. Visit a branch on State Road or Main Road in Westport or online to learn more about their loans, EZ Banking, rates, or to open an account. 


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