The employees of the 99 Restaurant in Fall River got quite the surprise after their shift was over on Monday night. A collie was left in the parking lot, seemingly abandoned. 


Thankfully the employees acted quickly, and brought the dog around to the back of the building where it was out of harms way and began to take care of it.

The Facebook status of one of the 99 employees read:

Kind of a crazy end to our shift....someone abandoned a cute & playful collie in the Fall River 99 parking lot...left a bag with a leash, toy in it & it's dog bed....So proud of my co-workers who brought him around to the back of the restaurant & attached it's leash so it wouldn't go anywhere & possibly get hurt or worse



We have learned that the staff has nicknamed the dog 'Lucky' after the horseshoe logo of the 99. Also, Wallace Martins, one of the cooks, has taken the dog in until he can find him a home.

If you know anything about this, or have any information as to who abandoned this dog, please let us know