Anthony Ramos has one impressive resumé, from being in Hamilton on Broadway to supporting actor in A Star Is Born. He clearly has talent. Does that translate to a hit song?

When I first got this song I kept saying this guy looks so familiar. You ever get that feeling? Like, I know this dude. We hung out once. Well not really but I definitely remember his face. I went to trusty Google and there he was, the supporting actor that played Lady Gaga's best friend in the award-winning remake of A Star Is Born.

That's not all, though. Anthony Ramos Martinez also starred in Hamilton on Broadway when it first opened. His voice can be heard on the official recorded soundtrack of the Broadway show.

Anthony has done countless other amazing things but I feel like those two items are enough credibility to at least give his new song a listen. Now, this is the title track off his album, which he just released. I don't want to get your hopes up but this song is definitely giving me Robin Thicke vibes. It's sexy and fun and the beat has me moving around. Doesn't hurt that Anthony has the moves, either.

Take a listen:

Am I right? It has the Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" feel to it. It only took me one listen to be like, yup, this song has some potential.

That's my opinion, though. Your opinion is the one that matters. What do you think of Mr. Ramos' song, is it wicked good or totally whack? Should we add this song to the Fun 107 playlist?

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