The last time the Providence Performing Arts Center was filled with theater goers was, like so many other things, March of last year. Like Broadway, PPAC reopens this fall. When it does, it will feature a list of fun and popular titles, none with a bigger draw than Hamilton.

Is Hamilton Really Still Popular?

Yes, Hamilton is still the king, and after years of sitting at the top, people still scramble to get their tickets to this musical about the American Revolution.

Someone scoffed at me today when I mentioned that I plan on seeing it again in November when it comes to the PPAC. "I already saw it on Disney +," he said. "Why do I need to see it again?"

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Why See Hamilton in Person?

Saying you've already seen Hamilton on TV is like saying you've already seen Fenway Park on NESN. Yeah, you may have seen a Red Sox game on TV, but there's really nothing like the feeling of actually walking up the tunnel and getting drowned in a sea of emerald. I don't care how many inches your screen is, that feeling can't be captured on TV.

Another reason to see the play in person is that it constantly changes. Obviously most of the lines stay the same, but Hamilton is famous for contrasting its historical theme with very timely jokes and music.

There are a number of jokes that lightheartedly poke fun at America's current political climate. The cast and crew are even known to change up lines to relate to the current city on the tour.

In summary, just because you've seen it, doesn't mean you've seen it. "And if you don't know, now you know," which was one of the lines when I saw it last in Providence.

Hamilton Tickets Go On Sale Next Week at Providence's PPAC

Tickets to Hamilton go on sale to the general public on August 5 online and in person only. The engagement is from November 30 to December 12.

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