Ahead of students returning to in-person learning full time, the staff and a handful of students at Joseph Case High School in Swansea filmed a short parody video that is catching a lot of attention online. The principal wanted to boost the morale of the student body as they made their return for quarter four, and he and his staff did not disappoint.

Brian McCann, principal at Case High School, has become notorious over the years for creating fun “Snow Day” videos for his students, but with this strange year, snow days were non-existent.

“When the state announced that students would start returning to school in April, I waited a few weeks, and then I couldn’t wait anymore,” McCann said. “I spoke to the superintendent and said, ‘Let’s come up with a smart date to do this.’” The start of the fourth quarter seemed to be the perfect time, and he wanted to create a video that welcomed the Case students back into the classroom, providing a much-needed break from the depressing news that has bombarded us this past year.

McCann acted as the driver of the vehicle, presenting the idea to the superintendent and other faculty members. Neil Jeronimo, the school’s drama teacher, and Tommy Whalen, head of Computer and Video, were McCann’s right-hand men in developing a catchy Hamilton parody, with impressive original lyrics and production, thanks to Mr. Jeronimo’s second-year video students.

“They are artists,” McCann said. “They take a lot of pride in this piece.”

As they should. The 94-second video is extremely well thought out and it put the biggest smile on my face to see a principal and his staff put forth that much effort to put a smile on their students’ faces.

“You can still come to school and follow all of the guidelines, and still have fun. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun at school,” McCann said.

The video has amassed over 5,000 views since Friday, and McCann is ecstatic.

"(This video) helps build a sense of community," he said. "I wanted to make people smile.”

Mission accomplished, Mr. McCann. It looks like the fourth quarter is off to a positive start for Joseph Case High School.

Watch the parody here:

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