Football season is starting up and wives everywhere are supposedly making plans without their man on Sundays.

Football widows is a crazy stereotype if you ask me. I mean most women I know are Patriots fans themselves and watch the game with their guy.

Heck I watch with my kids because my husband couldn't care less about football.

But Buffalo Wild Wings thinks the game can be a big strain on relationships. And this season they aim to help.

The restaurant chain is calling it a "football prenup" and anyone can sign up for one online.

Basically you and your significant other make a deal. One party gets to watch the game of their choosing and the other gets to pick something they want in return. You agree and sign online, then watch your game guilt free.

If you do happen to be in a relationship where you get guilted about your football watching, perhaps the prenup will work for you.

Though more likely it'll just be a funny thing to do with your significant other before the season begins.

And Buffalo Wild Wings admits that this is all really just a ploy for you to watch football at their restaurants.

And who knows maybe it will actually work for them.

Personally I think the "football prenup" is silly and I'd have no need for one in my life. But if you want to pretend just to trick your husband into some housework, that works too.

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