Here's an interesting survey that was reported by "CNN Money." While many Americans may not love their jobs, the majority do not belive what they do for a living is making the world a worse place, or do they?

As it turns out, fast food workers have the worst outlook on the value of their jobs. Over 38 percent feel their jobs make the world a worse place.
Here are the results of that survey: The percentage next to the occupation is that of those workers who claim what they do makes the world a worse place:
1. Fast food worker 38.4 percent
2. Casino dealer 17.6 percent
3. Telemarketer 9.4 percent
4. Newscast director 8.1 percent
5. Bartender 6.7 percent
6. Loan collector 4.9 percent
7. Fashion designer 4.9 percent
8. Investment banking associate 4.6 percent
9. Attorney 4.4 percent
10. Credit/collections supervisor 4.1 percent