The past few weeks have been full off cookouts and that typically results in mosquito bites. But why are my bites always in one spot?

Recently my ankle and foot were devoured by mosquitoes. Just one foot too, like ten bites from toes to ankle.

It is insanely itchy and also left me wondering "why my foot?" What is it about this one foot that the mosquitoes found so irresistible?

Turns out feet and ankles are a prime target for mosquitoes. They love them.

Scientists say these biting bugs are very smart and they can tell the difference between your neck, your underarms and your feet just by smell.

And since people's feet are likely to be the smelliest part of their body, they're also likely to be the most easily found and bitten part of their body.

Add in the fact that you may not notice a mosquito buzzing around your foot like you would one buzzing around your face and these intelligent itch makers have found their sweet spot - literally.

Clearly my left foot was much stinkier than my right foot that day and it got covered!

Bring on the calamine lotion.

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