Are today's kids so used to New England winning that are they becoming anti-Pats Nation with each new Super Bowl ring?

The Pats won 27-13 against Cleveland yesterday. It was their eighth win in a row – not too shabby. But according to my 15 year old, the win was expected so therefore not worthy of celebration.

My son said, "Mom, the Pats haven't played a difficult team yet, they should be winning these games. Wait to they face a team like Denver."

Yep, this is my same kid who walks around in a Todd Gurley game jersey when he should be walking around in a Tom Brady game jersey. He and his friends are very much into their fantasy football teams and leagues and the players they picked for those leagues and teams. It's almost as if fantasy football matters more than the real game of football. That's a little backward if you ask me.

christine fox/Townsquare Media
Christine Fox/Townsquare Media

I think this is partly why kids today are nowhere near as loyal to their sports teams as my generation was back in the day and right now in 2019. I don't care how many games in a row the Pats win, I am excited about every single win they get. And when playoff games start, forget about it. We are all in watching live football. Nothing gets DVR'ed from that point on.

So last night after my son made his comment and argued his case, I shook my head in disappointment, as I felt hurt and a little betrayed. Dramatic? Maybe. He looked at my husband and said, "Why is Mom so upset?"

To which my husband replied, "This is a Patriots house, Josh, and we cheer for our team and their wins. We don't second guess why the Pats win a game, we celebrate it."

Obviously, I'm fine and not mad at my son because I know that he does love the Patriots, but I will tell you this, the only future football jerseys being purchased in this house from now on will be Patriots jerseys.

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