She has taken the music industry by storm over the past year, especially this summer. Billie Eilish, who is only 17 years old, has changed much of the music landscape by dropping music that is very different from anything we are currently hearing on the radio.

She has definitely been releasing music that is on the darker side but it clearly is speaking to the younger audience in ways that most current-day pop music isn't.

You can't get away from her right now. After topping the charts with "Bad Guy," her new song is called "All the Good Girls Go to Hell."

I mean, the title alone is a little harsh, but take a listen to the song:

The music video goes along with the persona she has created for herself. It almost begs the question: is Billie ok? The song title was tough to say on the air, not going to lie.

I like Billie but her music takes a little warming up to for me. None of her songs have ever been a first-listen love for me. Listening to the message takes me a few tries.

With the music video at over 51,000,000 views, clearly she is making an impact. While I may not be a big Billie fan I'm not the one deciding what gets added to the Fun 107 playlist – you are.

So now would be a good time to use your voting power and tell us if we should add it to the station playlist. Vote now, is it wicked or whack?

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