I've heard people rent vacation stays at Airbnb, but I've never used the online service, myself.  I'll admit, it's partly because of unfamiliarity, but there's also an illogical fear that I have that I tried to explain on the air this morning.

Airbnb is an up and coming service where you can rent out, spaces you own. From rooms to sheds to castles, people will pay to sleep in whatever it is you're willing to rent. I wasn't totally familiar with this app and website before my trip to Europe, but according to Abby and Gazelle I should have used it for my lodging plans while I was away.

Interestingly enough, both the homeowner and the renter review one another on Airbnb, similar to how you would review a restaurant on Yelp or Google.

My fears about Airbnb are best explained on the air (as opposed to in print)...so you can watch the clip below.

Additional Reporting and Video by Michael DeSouza

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