Remember when “rare black Eastern coyotes” were spotted in Rhode Island and it was discovered shortly after that they were simply dogs?

The Warwick Animal Shelter recently ran a DNA test on both dogs, and the results proved both Bella and Libby are illegal in the state of Rhode Island.

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We reported back in April when Warwick mayor, Frank Picozzi, announced that the animals seen around town were a pair of puppies whose owner had moved away and left his former dogs in the care of a neighbor. They got away from this neighbor and struck fear in community members because of their wolf-like appearance.

Picozzi told the community of the town’s plan to test the dogs after officials believed they may be dog-wolf hybrids.

The results are in. Under the care of Warwick Animal Shelter, Bella (formerly named Willow) turned out to be 44.5% Gray Wolf, 27% German Shepherd, 23.4% Alaskan Malamute and 5.1% Siberian Husky.

Her sister, Libby (aka Wiley), turned out to be 57% Gray Wolf, 18.5% German Shepherd Dog, 18.3% Alaskan Malamute and 6.2% Siberian Husky.

“Can’t say I am too surprised on this one, based upon her behavior only, mischievous girl,” a shelter worker said.

These findings conclude that both Bella and Libby are unadoptable in Rhode Island as dog-wolf hybrids are illegal in the state.

The two were transferred to Red Riding Hood Rescue Project, a nonprofit wolfdog rescue in Ohio dedicated to providing rescue, sanctuary and lifetime support to wolfdogs in need.

Luckily, Bella and Libby can stay together and lead a more relaxed life after a crazy few weeks in the Ocean State.

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