By "debut," I stood behind the mixer and got super nervous so took a photo and ran away. 

The past few months, Micahel Rock, Gazelle and I have been joking about me becoming a "real" DJ. Michael and Gazelle both DJ weddings and parties on the side, so I started to joke that I was going to start DJ-ing, too. But maybe Marshmello-style with a mask on so no one would know who I was.

We then moved on to decide that I would only play trap remixes to things like the Walmart yodel kid, or the Flintstones theme. If you listen to the show on Friday's, you'll probably hear me do "Trappic" - which is your normal traffic report, read over trap remixes to random things like the Spongebob theme or the Backyardigans. Soon, I found a name for myself: DJ Strange Wolf.

And then Monster Mash rolled around. My costume started as being a TY Beanie Baby with a couple friends. Then, I decided I was going to be a wolf Beanie Baby. Then I moved on to buying a wolf hood that's worn a lot by ravers, I painted my face, loaded my hair with hairspray, and all of a sudden, it was apparent that DJ Strange Wolf had been born.


I was too afraid to touch Roy Barboza's mixer because he's Roy Barboza, but I fully plan on taking actual classes so I can do this thing for real. I also secretly wish I could walk around in the wolf makeup and hood every day of the year.


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