Fall River - MA

Technology is changing everyday, that's not news to anyone, but Diman is noticing the pressures that come with incorporating the technology students want and deserve every year.

The school is celebrating 50 years in 2018, and according to The Standard Times, their superintendent Thomas Aubin, said the focus is marketing seeing they have none of it with a $20 million budget, and he knows that's a recipe for disaster.

Diman isn't the school it used to be, it can't be, the goal now is to train students for jobs they may exist in 20 years, which is not only very difficult, but requires the latest and greatest technology all the time. Expensive to say the least.

Usually technical schools get a lot of help from foundations and corporations, but unfortunately for Diman, they have to compete against schools in the Boston area, that market better than most.

With time against the, they'll need to find a plan ASAP!

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