Every day, Michael and Maddie test your knowledge with the Michael and Maddie Mindbender, and some mornings, the answer to the riddle sparks a debate amongst the morning show team. Today’s Mindbender concluded that six in 10 people say they delete their “song” from playlists after a breakup. Songs can spark unwanted memories after a failed relationship, much like old photos that are sure to be all over social media. The majority of people seem to delete that one song that reminds them of their past love, but do you delete the pictures online as well?

“Do you guys delete your exes from your social media after a breakup?” asked Michael this morning.

“Definitely,” responded Gazelle. “Good riddance.”

I, however, have a different approach. I don’t take the time to delete the photos because I don’t care enough. The memories are difficult to reminisce on, but I don’t feel the need to deny that they existed to my online friends and I certainly don't walk down memory lane scrolling through the photos. My “out of mind, out of sight” approach has worked well until I met my fiancé who shares the same idea. His ex is still present on his socials.

“How do you like them apples?” asked Michael.

I’ll be honest, Michael, I don’t like it very much. To be clear, I’m not a hypocrite. I have never brought it up to him that seeing her face in his tagged photos irks me. My ex is still present on my pages, so who am I to stir that pot? But for the first time, I can see Gazelle’s point of saying “good riddance” to the past so it doesn’t affect the future.

How do you handle a breakup? Do you delete the photos along with that one song or do you just keep them there as a gallery of the past?

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