Delacey has written songs for Zara Larson and for Halsey. Zara's song "Ruin My Life" was played this spring on Fun 107, and "Without Me" became Halsey's first number one song.

Now, Delacey has decided to write some music for herself, and it seems like this California girl is on the verge of a breakout year.

Delacey told us the story of a supermodel who was hitting on her boyfriend. She was, obviously, concerned that this "drop dead gorgeous woman was trying to be with him." It wasn't just one episode. This was a period of time where the supermodel was trying to lure her boyfriend away from Delacey.

I couldn't believe the ending to the story. You can hear Delacey tell the story during her appearance on the Rock and Fox Show:

After the interview, we talked Delacey into playing one of the songs from her upcoming album. Wouldn't you know it? The song was written about the supermodel incident.

The song normally has a few swears in it, but Delacey changed the words on the fly to give us a clean radio edit. At the end of the song, we congratulated her for not accidentally swearing. This was the first time she performed the song live on the radio.


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