Dad, your terrific daughter, Steph, loves you! That's pretty much the message, but how do you deliver it when her dad is aboard the International Space Station? Try using some ingenuity, creativity and 11 Genisis Hyundai sedans driving through the dry sands of Nevada's Delamar Dry Lake. Thanks to car manufacturer Hyundai, 13 year-old Stephanie, from Houston, Texas, wanted to write an I love you message on earth so her dad could see it from outer space!

Hyundai took the girl's wish to heart and decided to take on the challenge as part of their "A Message From Space" ad campaign. The canvass spanned 2.14 square miles of light desert sand with the Genesis sedans driving in precise synchronized patterns engineers mapped out, spelling out Steph ♥'s you. It was filmed and documented in a promotional video no other auto maker will ever come close to matching!

In the amazing and interesting video, the Hyundai team can be seen designing the exact route, first using model cars and then seeing the fleet of cars, driving side by side, tracing the words in the sand with the help of GPS. It's awesome to see her father's response, while showing him snapping photos and thanking his girl. With all the wonders her father has seen from the ISS, Stephanie hopes that the message in the sands will be the most special wonder of them all.

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