Just the other day, a good-hearted and funny video of an Amazon driver with the utmost discipline for snacks was captured on the Ring cam of a Dartmouth couple.

The Resendes family leaves out a bin of tasty snacks every day that include Butterfingers, Table Talk apple pies, and so much more for package delivery drivers. As the packages are delivered, the workers are greeted with an a la carte selection of tasty treats. It just so happens that one of the drivers was able to turn away the desire, the same desire that ended up winning the battle for the following driver who approached the house.

On Friday, February 12, just around 4:30 p.m., an Amazon delivery driver approached the Resendes residence, unaware of what was waiting for him by the front door. Table Talk pies and chips called out his name, begging to be taken. Without any hesitation, the Ring cam shows the messenger indulging in the tasty treats and straight-up helping himself.

Before deciding on what snack he plans to take along with him for the ride, the video showed him doing a little decision-making dance. He made his selection, gave a friendly wave to the camera, and continued on with his route.

It just goes to show that a little bit of kindness and consideration towards the men and women who work feverishly night and day to make sure our packages are arriving at a reasonable delivery date goes a long way – even if it is just an offering of snacks, junk food and fruit.

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