For anyone who has a Ring doorbell camera, you already know how entertaining it can be at times.

I, for one, have one to watch over my vehicle and also to see who's at the door when I'm not home. The amount of gold I capture on it is incredible and worth every penny spent on the device.

These days, Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and USPS drivers are non-stop with the boom in online shopping. How they are able to keep up is beyond me, but the appreciation for the women and men who have to spend every waking second of their shift rushing around to make sure the package gets delivered is through the roof. I do not envy them, but I sure do appreciate their hard and tiresome work.

Then there are the people who leave snacks and beverages out for the drivers who are also the unsung heroes. These drivers often go hours on end without a single bite to eat, constantly focusing on getting the packages to the rightful owners, always putting their deliveries before themselves. So these snacks tend to come in handy for the drivers.

In Dartmouth, Chris and Janessa Resendes are among those who leave out goodies for their delivery drivers and just so happened to capture on their Ring camera a local Amazon driver who was tempted by the basket of goodies that was piled high with Butterfingers, chips, apple pies, etc.

Courteous of Chris Resendes
Courtesy Chris Resendes

At first, you can see he wants the apple pie in the worst way, but talks himself out of it and walks away with a victory – something I definitely wouldn't have been able to do. Check it out for yourself:

"My wife Janessa has been leaving out snacks for the drivers for a long time," Chris Resendes told Fun 107. "I'm always catching my old man Bert stealing all the Butterfingers from the basket."

Well, to the Amazon driver that had that Dartmouth route, let me just say I'm envious of your self-discipline and I hope that you get to have a "cheat day" in your near future for all the hard work that you and every other delivery driver puts in day after day.

It doesn't go unnoticed, and the Ring camera at the Resendes residence is proof of this.

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