One Dartmouth home has set up a mailbox for letters to Santa Claus.

This isn't just any mailbox on the side of the road. You will have to first drop into Pete Lantz's holiday wonderworld -- also known as his front yard. There are enter and exit signs so you don't get confused about where you need to go and to make sure sending a letter to the big guy happens in a timely manner.

Lantz, who moved into his Dartmouth home in 2014, seems to always put up more lights and decorations than the average homeowner. In 2020 however, he dropped into Lowe's and a Santa mailbox caught his eye. That got him thinking about making one of his own.

Yep, Lantz made the Santa mailbox that sits in his front yard and he even installed some holiday magic. The box lights up every time a child deposits a letter.

Last year Lantz said he collected 50 letters.

He does this with only one goal in mind.

"I think believing in Santa and that magic is so special and just want to give the best I can for the kids," he said.

Lantz said he plans to continue to make his holiday display bigger and brighter each year. He invites children to drop off the letters to Santa at his home at 142 Russells Mills Road

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