We've been living with COVID-19 cancellations and restrictions for nearly a year now, but it is still a bummer when things have to get called off.

Dairy Queen is the latest company to announce the cancellation of a fan favorite over COVID concerns.

Free Cone Day 2021 has officially been called off and all that free delicious ice cream will not be given away this year.

It's usually a sign that spring is coming when Dairy Queen announces the date of their Free Cone Day, but the company has already put the kibosh on the annual event, and honestly rightly so.

It's sort of surprising looking back that Free Cone Day 2020 happened at all. Held on March 19 last year, it was probably one of the last big free food giveaway-type events before quarantining and social distancing became our "new normal."

And considering people are still being asked to stay apart, the crowd-drawing Free Cone Day just doesn't seem like a good idea.

Nice to know Dairy Queen realizes that too and isn't trying to hold it anyway.

And even better to know that they are already making plans for the event's big return in 2022.

But just because DQ's Free Cone Day isn't coming around this March doesn't mean our favorite ice cream shops aren't serving up the flavors we all know and love.

Plenty of local creameries are opening their doors sooner rather than later and here's where you can get out and support them this spring and beyond:

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