We’ve been spending a lot of time at home, and for parents, that means a lot of one-on-one time with children. Playtime just got a lot more fun for mom and dad, thanks to Play-Doh’s new "Grown Up Scents" multipack.

I thought it was a joke, but this is very real. Play-Doh has launched a new line of scents catered to adults, exclusively on Amazon. No, it’s not alcoholic. It’s the same old modeling compound with a more refined look and enticing scents. Choose from six relatable smells like “overpriced latte” (coffee) and “Dad Sneakers” (rubber). I don’t have children, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to know what “Mom Jeans” smells like.

Amazon explains that “it’s like an adult coloring books alternative.” So, when the kids want to do arts and crafts, the parents can join in with their own set of ‘Doh.

This line sounds like such a great idea for stocking stuffers or holiday gag gifts, as suggested by Amazon. I would love to see the look on my brother’s face if I gave him a set for our “Secret Santa” swap.

I appreciate their choices of scents, like coffee and floral, but they’re missing some key players. If we’re really making this line of Play-Doh for adults, there needs to be one called “Wine-o-Clock” (wine scented) or “Bills Are Due” (money scented).

I’ll give it to Play-Doh for its creativity and for looking out for the parents that are being roped into playtime more frequently. For me, I’ll be highly considering this fun gift for my next White Elephant party. Check out the six totally relatable smells below:

The New Line of Play-Doh for Adults

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