Have you ever been tempted to "cut the cord"? We talked about how to cut cable this morning on the show and got some pretty good suggestions from the audience.

SET TV is a newer service that costs $20 per month. SET TV works on your computers, tablets, and your television. Tablets and computers have apps that you can download to stream and to watch it on your TV, you have to purchase a SET Top Box, which costs $99. You can have your access code on up to three devices. The service has over 500 channels, from Disney and Nick for the kids to tons of sports channels. You can even get a 3-day free trial of SET TV to try it out. For more information, visit their website here.

We also had a couple of callers tell us that they've had some pretty good success with "old school bunny-ear" antennas. The antennas cost about $10 to $15 at places like Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. The quality of the bunny ear antennas will depend on how close you are to a tower, and you can even get up to sixty channels with it.

An HDTV antenna will set you back a little more than the bunny ear antennas, but it will capture the signals from further away.  One caller told us that he got about 60 channels after putting one on his roof, but that it cost him in the neighborhood of $150.  He seemed very happy with the purchase, especially since this was the cost of one single month for his cable bill.  Like the bunny ears, you can purchase an HDTV antenna at Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon.

Additional Reporting by Madisyn Bozarth.


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