Need a little pick me up this morning? We have just the story for you!

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A Starbucks in St. Petersburg, Florida had an 11-hour Pay It Forward streak!

For anyone that doesn't know, the Pay It Forward initiative is the simple idea to give to people and make a positive difference in their everyday lives! It's kind of like doing a random act of kindness for a stranger, just because! reports that this particular pay it forward, had people taking care of the tab for the people in line behind them for 11 hours!!

It all started when one woman decided to take the Pay It Forward initiative and paid the person behind her and it just continued with 378 customers!

This is just totally awesome to see and it's not even the first time that it's been done to this degree! The exact same location at another time had 141 customers participate, while another location in Connecticut set the record with 1,468 customers during Christmas time of last year!

I encourage everyone to pay it forward in some way! It just makes the world a better place, one kind act at a time!

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