Today, is our WBSM co-worker Jack Peterson's birthday!! So our intern on WBSM, Kasey, brought in some cupcakes to celebrate!

I love cupcakes, especially the chocolate ones with chocolate frosting, so when Kasey brought them into the studio to offer me one, I was pretty excited! Well, that was until I saw them covered in jimmies, yuck! I've just always hated jimmies, they look like ants on top of ice cream and frosting, and they just have a weird texture to them. So I took a cupcake anyway, but tried for the one with the least amount of jimmies.

Larry recorded me (without my knowledge per usual) talking about how much I dislike jimmies...I called them specifically "ice cream and treat ruiners". They don't add anything to treats, they just make them worse, at least for me.

Then, there's this string of texts that I found from the other day between me and Intern Gary...he was showing me his ice cream, and it looked/sounded great, until.....the jimmies!

TSM/Loren Petisce
TSM/Loren Petisce



















So how bout you? Jimmies or no jimmies?

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