Mike Fine just wants to be held and that's the reason he has cuddled with 10,000 women in his life.

That's right, cuddle. Comedian Mike Fine isn't looking for anything more than a cuddle session with the ladies.

Fine recalls meeting a beautiful blonde woman and after a few drinks the two found themselves a little tipsy.  Fine told the Post, it was an "amazing night". That amazing night consisted of the two cuddling.  Fine remembers the night as "dirty and wholesome" at the same time.

While most men are trying to increase the number of partners they have, Fine has no interest in that.

“I'd choose cuddling 10 times out of 10 [over sex] — it’s more intimate" says Fine.

He views sex like it's just another chore. Plus he's also a lot more confident in his snuggling skills. Cuddling is something he knows he's pretty good at it.

Fine is so good at it that he managed to snuggle with 10,000 women in his life. His passion for cuddling started four years ago after his relationship with his fiance went south.  He found the relationship to be "deeply unaffectionate".

I have no intention of stopping, he says. I’m the cuddle star. It’s my thing.

After the engagement, Fine says many women would often turn him down for sex.  He turned to cuddling which he found to be a great middle ground.

Even after all this time of perfecting his craft, Fine still does not charge for his services. He has run into a issue or two though, not all of the snugglers are content with just a cuddle session.  Some want the session to turn into something else.  Fine says one woman wanted a relationship after 5 cuddles sessions. He clearly isn't too fond of the clingy cuddlers.

If he does settle down, Fine says he will continue to be a cuddler.  Any lucky woman to land him will simply have to deal with his snuggle passion.  “I have no intention of stopping,” he says. “I’m the cuddle star. It’s my thing." says Fine.

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