I wouldn't say my home's exterior is low-maintenance — I have to paint it on a regular basis. Well, more accurately, I have to hire someone to paint it, as that's a bit too much for me to tackle alone.

So I was all ears when Derek Couto, a co-owner of Couto Construction, showed me around one of their recent job sites. It's easy to think siding is limited to your basic aluminum siding but Couto Construction is adept at working with a wide variety of siding materials, from cedar shingles to maintenance free vinyl siding to fiber cement, a composite material that can be made to look like other materials, including wood. They also offer stone and brick veneer.

I've known Derek and his team for years, and aside from appreciating their impeccable professional reputation, I applaud them for being involved in our local communities.

This local commitment is even reflected in their latest special — you can get up to $800 off roofing, siding or window services PLUS a $200 gift card to a local restaurant. It's truly a win-win-win: you get a great deal on improving your home, you get to enjoy some of the best in local food, and you and Couto are supporting our restaurants, which deserve a boost after the industry-wide pandemic struggles.

Getting started is easy, too! Just call Couto at 508-538-3233 or visit coutoconstruction.com to learn more about their services and to schedule a free estimate. Be sure to tell 'em I sent you!