The Massachusetts Army National Guard paid a visit to New Bedford High School yesterday looking to recruit some new members. They held a big fair in the gymnasium with lots of fun activities.

The National Guard had some fun games and competitions to showcase the physical fitness of some of the students at New Bedford High School, while demonstrating to the students how that fitness prowess could be of value to the Massachusetts Army National Guard.

One of these activities that the National Guard organized was a planking contest that turned out to be pretty intense. The competition was narrowed to two student finalists who competed head-to-head while a crowd of other students watched and cheered on their classmates. The atmosphere was electric. Whaler pride was on the line.

If you've ever planked, you know how difficult it is to maintain good form and keep your back, butt and legs straight. It's all about having a great core. The stronger your core, the longer someone will be able to plank. There's also a good amount of will power that goes into winning a planking contest. The person who wants it more usually is the winner.

The students were not only put to the test by trying to plank longer than the others, but also by having weights placed on their backs. These New Bedford High School students seemed unphased by the extra weight. Their resolve to win was admirable.

Check out the video of yesterday's planking contest put on by the Massachusetts Army National Guard:

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