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National Guard Aids Victims Of Gas Explosions
LAWRENCE, Mass. (AP) _ Hotplates are being distributed to residents who have been left without gas service more than a week after gas explosions and fires rocked the Merrimack Valley.
The Boston Globe reports that members of the Massachusetts National Guard started giving out thousands of hotplates t…
RI National Guard Open House And Air Show Returns
It was a total bummer when the RI National Guard Open House and Air Show was cancelled because of budget cuts last year.  Good news this year though, the Air Show is back!
The Air Show typically happens in June, but this year it's being bumped up to May, the 17th and 18th to be exact, and h…
The Armory On Pleasant Street In New Bedford: 1904
You might have driven by a huge structure that looks like a castle on Pleasant Street in New Bedford. The Armory has served for many purposes over the last hundred years or so. I love learning about the history of New Bedford and surrounding areas.
New Hampshire Waitress Gets Huge Surprize
A New Hampshire single mom who is a waitress at a Ruby Tuesdays in Concord New Hampshire decided to pay for lunch for 2 members of the national guard..
Word spread quickly, and then Ellen got word of her good deed.
See what happened next on the video below...
M&M’s For The Troops
Over the weekend, my wife sent me out to get her some medicine because our entire family got hit with a bad cold. When I went to the drug store, the cashier behind the counter asked if I wanted to donate some M&M's to the Troops which I gladly gave. I found out that online M&M…