When you get engaged you don't usually imagine tying the knot in army fatiques.

I'm sure that's not what Lauren Durham and Michael Davis envisioned about their big day either. Both of them are senior airmen with the Air National Guard. When hurricane Irma hit, they were deployed indefinitely to help the relief effort. There's never a good time for a hurricane, but with their wedding planned for the second weekend of September the timing was awful.

According to the AP report, they were eating breakfast when a friend suggested that they just get married during the hurricane. They had already told some of their guest that they were deployed and might miss the wedding, so why not?

Folding chairs were set up and a bunch of men and women on their way to help came to celebrate with them. Some even wore tuxedo t-shirts, which I totally love. According to the report, their best friend in the Guard is a notary and officiated.

Maybe it wasn't the magical day they dreamed of, but in a way it was a little more special. It's definitely a great story to tell.

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