Saying Goodbye To A Local Hero
Sergeant Luke Joeseph Edward Carreiro was and will always be a Hero. Sadness has draped the Southcoast from the news of his passing. Luke was only 26 years old.
Jagger Vs. Army
Well it was my first Sun Of A Beach Music Festival and I have to say, it was AWESOME!!! After driving around on a golf cart giving out prizes to some partiers, I thought it would be smart to challenge the U.S. Army to a "Push Up" Competition...
Viral Photo
I wanted to share this photograph I found while browsing  Some of you may have seen it already. if you have, it's heart-breaking no matter how many times you have seen it.
15 War Movies
Many war films have been produced with the cooperation of a nation's military forces. The United States Navy has been very cooperative since World War II in providing ships and technical guidance, Top Gun being the most famous example.
M&M’s For The Troops
Over the weekend, my wife sent me out to get her some medicine because our entire family got hit with a bad cold. When I went to the drug store, the cashier behind the counter asked if I wanted to donate some M&M's to the Troops which I gladly gave. I found out that online M&M…