When people love an app, it is hard to see the logo change, especially when it changes the slightest bit in color.

On Tuesday, complaints surfaced over the web when Spotify users realized that the icon for the app changed from its normal pea green color to a neon green. The green color that it was changed to is similar to the color of the iPhone battery-charging icon.

According to Mashable.com, “Spotify green” became a trending topic on Twitter from those angered by the logo change. Also, many Spotify users threatened to delete the app.

Despite the controversy over the new color, the old shade still shows up on the desktop version of the app, as well as the company's older website pages. However, the new logo is present on the first page of the Spotify website and the official Spotify Twitter page.

A special announcement was made by the company last year about a darker background color theme for its app. However, nobody mentioned about the new green logo color that started showing up earlier this week.

As of right now, the reason behind the change in color remains a mystery.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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