It looks like someone will have their dream come true by graduating with the least possible amount of college loans.

Joel Weber, who is a junior at the University of Texas Austin, ditched the dorm scene and built his own 145-square-foot home instead. The design major took the knowledge from what he learned from the classroom and created the floor plan and home for a total of $20,000. Weber plans to graduate debt-free thanks to a low mortgage and utility costs.

According to, Weber was inspired to do something like this after he spent some time in Central America. From that experience, Weber saw how small and simple people lived.

The small space was offered by a family friend. Weber stated that “It's the most beautiful, peaceful, relaxing piece of land.” Weber than began to build his house on top of an 18-foot-flatbed trailer.

In his home, Weber managed to pack a lot into such a small space. The house has a bed for Weber and another bed for a guest. Also, there is a reading area, bench, coffee table, desk, sink, oven, and mini fridge.

Weber is environmentally friendly and his next project is to put in solar panels and a rain collector outside his home.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez