If there is anything that makes EVERYONE excited, it's welcoming a new donut place to the Southcoast! 

What was once Supreme Donuts on Rockdale Ave. in New Bedford was recently bought by Stan Webb, who also owns Overtime in S. Dartmouth.

Stan, who is planning on completely remodeling and re-naming Supreme as 'The Donut Factory', gave us the heads up that they are ALREADY producing donuts and will be until they close for a short time to remodel. The Donut Factory will be fully operational and remodeled come April 2017.

Since we love donuts, we love local business, and we know everyone has been mourning the loss of Ma's in New Bedford, we wrote an advertorial* on the Donut Factory.

Almost immediately after our featured piece on the up and coming Donut Factory was posted to our Facebook, we saw it start to spread like wildfire. In total after being posted two separate times on our page, the post reached 47,000 people, 337 'likes', 260 shares, and 7,000 clicks.

Owner Stan Webb said that in the days following the post on Fun107.com and Fun 107's Facebook page, they were actually totally selling out of donuts and even had to get extra help in the early morning hours to accommodate the new rush of business.

Abby Renoir
Abby Renoir

If you own a local business, this is the perfect way to get your brand in front of thousands of eyeballs in your service area!

*Advertorials can be purchased through your sales rep for $150. They are posted on Fun107.com and the Fun 107 Facebook page. They can highlight any service, event, special, or just a basic overview of your business. If you are interested in further information, please call 508-999-6690. 

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