Last Friday at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech, retired basketball player and motivational speaker Chris Herren delivered a speech and showed a short movie about who he is and why young adults should take drug abuse seriously.

If you aren't familiar, Chris Herren is a Durfee High School graduate who was an up and coming basketball player. Right out of college, he was recruited into the NBA where he played for several years before playing overseas. The reason he is so important, however, isn't because of his status and accolades as a sportsman, but the trials and tribulations he's overcome. Herren became a drug addict in high school and was in and out of sobriety for years before finally quitting after numerous overdoses and stays in rehab centers.

Herren is known for his blunt, dark, and serious style of talking to students. He doesn't beat around the bush, he tells the students like it is. As a person who sat in on this speech, it was a very moving and motivational story and his life is one to view as an example of the dangers of drug abuse.

Below are some pictures that were taken at the event...

Chris Herren at GNB Voc Tech

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