Cher Lloyd has a pretty and near-perfect smile, but she wasn't born that way. She had a gap-toothed grin, one that has since disappeared as she has had her teeth fixed.

The Daily Mail in Lloyd's native U.K. pointed out her transformation, bemoaning her shift from a cute and quirky smile to a generic "Hollywood" one. It seems like the writer is taking shots a Lloyd for having success in America, and while there is always the stereotype that Brits have bad teeth a la Austin Powers, who cares what Lloyd does with her mouth?

She is entitled to fix, straighten, whiten, brighten and de-gap her chompers anytime she wishes. If it makes her feel better to bridge the gap, literally, so be it!

The paper points out that Lloyd's smile had been shifting for quite some time, as well. The gap has been lessening since approximately April of this year and the paper suggests that she no longer has an edgy look with such a straight smile.

The photo above shows the change. The photo to the left is from September 2013. The photo the right is from November 2010. Look closely and you see a gap in the photo on the right.

Ultimately, the fact that Lloyd fixed her smile should shock no one since Lloyd once told Alan Carr that "I hate my teeth. I hate them, I look like a complete and utter rabbit."

The 'I Wish' singer is lovely, rabbit-teeth or not.

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