15-year-old Teegan Marti of Florida was severely injured on a free-fall ride in July of 2010. She suffered brain, spine and pelvis damage after falling 100 feet, and was in the hospital for three months.

Now her family is in financial trouble. Their home is being foreclosed upon, and insurance is no longer covering Teegan's much needed physical therapy. Her mom wanted to buy Teegan a therapy dog, but there was no money for the $6,000 expense, which includes training.

So a family friend sent a letter to Charlie Sheen for help. The actor responded by wiring $10,000 to the Marti family yesterday. He said the extra $4,000 was for any additional expenses in securing the English Golden Retriever puppy.

He also told Teegan's mom to call him if the family needs additional help, and added that maybe they can name the puppy Charlie.