Two things I love, coffee and New York City...put them together and you get the coffee house from the show 'Friends', Central Perk coming to NYC!

What a great way to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the show's premiere! (Holy cow, 20 years already, eek!)

Warner Brothers and Eight O'Clock coffee have teamed up to recreate the setting of the 'Friends' favorite hang out with a pop-up replica. It'll be located in Manhattan, at 199 Lafayette Street. You'll see the famous Central Perk chalkboard along with a limited-edition Central Perk roast coffee.

Unfortunately, the recreated 'Central Perk' will only be here temporarily...opening up on September 17th, but closing up shop on October 18th. Hey, maybe you'll see a surprise guest appearance from one of the 'Friends'! How cool would that be?

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